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A list of tuples (Title, URL) to appear in the “social” section. TWITTER_USERNAME. Allows for adding a button to articles to encourage others to tweet about them. Add your Twitter username if you want this button to appear.

info Pelican Style Guide



These guidelines are meant to serve as a reference for writing specifications in Markdown with an interest in maintaining as much readability as possible as defined in 2.0 Goals.

Status of this Document

Just started. Wait until 0.5.0 to take it semi-seriously. Feedback welcomed.

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info Rainbows and Stuff
# generates rainbow text!
# Tyler Mulligan
import configparser
import argparse
import json
import os
from colour import Color
from math import ceil
info My First Review

Following is a review of my favorite mechanical keyboard.

There are two ways to specify the identifier:

print("The triple-colon syntax will *not* show line numbers.")

To display line numbers, use a path-less shebang instead of colons:

print("The path-less shebang syntax *will* show line numbers.")


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info Some Really Cool Post

Raindrops on roses Whiskers on kittens brown paper packages